The things you don’t think about…

I’ll be the first to admit that I have difficulty focusing on the positives. Part of that is a lifetime of negative thinking patterns, and part of it is due to the head injury I sustained in September 2015 (due to a drunk driver). That, in and of itself, would probably warrant a blog of its own. But I digress…

There are things that happen that no one tells you about when you start losing weight. Granted, we’ve all heard about the joys of fitting into smaller clothes. But the little things, the small victories, we rarely discuss. The first time I was able to wear my bra without a bra extender felt like a huge victory. The first time I had to move my car seat forward was a huge victory. That was something I had honestly never thought about before. To realize my rear was shrinking to a point that my legs didn’t reach the gas pedal anymore, wow! I had never read in any of the research I did, or online bariatric support groups, anything about it. Do people just forget to mention it?

Weight loss stalls are something else I hadn’t read or heard about before surgery. While I had read some about regain, I hadn’t about stalls. Not until I went looking for them. I seem to have hit a stall right now, my body protesting against dropping any further. Which is understandable, as I was at the weight I am now for several years before I started experiencing more weight gain. At least that is what I’ve gleaned from the articles I’ve read, such as here and here.

It’s the little things, folks!

It’s also going to a restaurant and eating a half (or less) of that grilled chicken breast you ordered and packing the rest of your food up, while you watch your other family members eat quantities of food that you can’t possibly imagine eating ever again. And feeling the shame of knowing that before surgery, you would do the same thing. There’s a load of shame in going out to eat after surgery that you don’t think about going into it. I guess it’s something that will take time to get over….



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