And it just keeps getting better…

So, last night I ended up in the ER with severe stomach pains. Docs took a CT and told me that I had a fistula and a track “filled with feces that isn’t connected to the intestine”. They told me to see my surgeon today.

So I go to the surgeons office but see someone else since my surgeon was doing surgery. He seems to think I’m okay, and to come back next week. (To see  my actual surgeon, hopefully, and not the PA that I’ve been seeing since surgery instead.)

On the bright side, they say my incision isn’t infected, but to keep packing it. Thought I’d share with you what I get to see and do twice a day.

This is what you don’t see prior to getting this surgery.  This is what could happen. Take a good, long look!

As for supplies: the surgeon’s office would give a bottle of iodoform packing when I’m there, as they have to check it and then re-pack it. When you run out, however, I’ve found options locally to be a challenge. Health Essentials has it for $11, but they require a prescription. I didn’t know this when I went there to get it. What I’ve found to be easier is to just order it online. Amazon has it for just over half of HE price here. Gauze you can get at Wal-mart, and the tape you see over the gauze is from the surgeon’s office. When I run out I’ll have to go back to paper tape from Wal-mart which bites, because it tears my skin up really bad.


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