What do I eat????

So, this is my food for my workday today. I’ve drank some of the shake already. Baked chicken and carrots…mmmmm…although honestly, it’s unlikely I’ll get through it all at lunch. That’s a lot of carrots. So the chicken and carrots are like, two to three meals for me, usually. I’ve got to find a way to boost my calorie intake as my doc says I’m not eating enough. I may have to go back to making bulletproof coffee in the mornings.

Speaking of calorie intake…that’s another emotional issue I never really heard or read about prior to surgery. While you realize that yes, there is a reduced calorie intake (and I’m fine with that), I don’t usually get hungry. I mean, seriously, like hardly at all. When I do eat, it’s a minimal amount and then I’m done. Yesterday, I had made a mixture of pinto beans, canned chicken, enchilada sauce and cheese (I was really craving Chipotle and no it wasn’t even close). Three spoonfuls and I was done. I couldn’t eat any more. Not because it didn’t taste how I wanted it to taste, but because physically, I couldn’t get any more down.

Okay. Squirrel. Back to the point I was trying to make. Emotional issue. When you spend your entire life with people telling you “you need to eat less and exercise more”, and doctors telling you to cut down your calories, it’s a highly emotionally charged thing to hear a doctor tell you “you need to eat more”. It goes against everything you’ve ever been told about weight loss. Then to physically not be able to eat enough to reach that bar they’ve set, that’s hard. It really messes with your head.

Maybe these are things that I would have heard about had I gone to a weight loss support group before, during, or after the surgical process. But it wasn’t required by my insurance, and I’m working when the groups around here are held so I haven’t been. I really wish I had gone to some before I decided to go through with surgery.


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